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Saturday, January 4, 2014


I am having the worst time even getting started with this searching business.  Everything I need is inaccessible.  Even my email is currently busted.  Attempts to right things run into the most ridiculous strings of obstacles.  Gah.

Still, should have everything I need in a few weeks (knock on wood) (and some more wood just in case that wasn't real wood) (and that's definitely real wood because I cut it on the table saw).

Signing up for reunion searches is additionally slowed down by bursting into tears every time I pull one up.  How many people do this?  It's inconvenient and messy and hard as Hell on the nerves.

Also, my family informs me that I've been highly distracted and even more irritable all this holiday.  My husband sighed and said, "I wish we could just get you reunited so you could calm down and go back to normal."

And then I had to stumble over the words telling the poor man that that's when it will get worse.

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